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Wrightslaw: Legal Developments & Cases 2015

Understanding Your Child's
Test Scores (1.5 hrs)
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Understanding Your Child's Test Scores
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Special Education Law
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Wrightslaw WebEx Special Education Law & Training Program (6.5 hrs)

Special Education Law
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Harbor House Law Press publishes books, monographs, digital publications, and CD-ROMS about special education legal and advocacy issues.

Publisher Services: Fact Sheet

Our mission is to publish special education legal and advocacy information for parents, advocates, educators, and attorneys.

If you are interested in writing for Harbor House, please download the Harbor House Style Manual.

Pre-publication Services
  • Edit manuscripts
  • Book design (page layout, illustrations)
  • Design four-color cover

  • Proofreading

  • Solicit peer reviews

  • Indexing

  • Foreword by expert in the field

  • Print galleys (for proofreading, peer reviews, pre-publication reviews)
Mechanical and Legal Requirements
  • File copyright forms

  • Complete mechanical and legal requirements

    ABI: Advance Book Information Forms

    EAN Bar Code: Code printed on product, designed to be machine readable, includes price, ISBN, etc. Required for books sold in bookstores. CIP (Cataloguing-in-Publication): cataloging record prepared to standards of Library of Congress; important for books sold to libraries.

    ISBN (International Standard Book Number): unique number for each edition and binding of a title. Required for books sold through bookstores. LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number): unique number assigned to a cataloging record by the Library of Congress.

  • Send requests for quotations from printers; select printer

  • Send electronic files, laser copies of book to printer

  • Proof bluelines
Marketing and Promotion
  • Set official publication date (at least four months after book returned from printer)

  • Prepare news release

  • Send pre-publication offer to customers, newsletter subscribers

  • Send galleys or advance copies to selected reviewers

  • Design and print brochure

  • Send review packages (i.e., cover letter, copy of book, brochure, review request, sample review/news release, review/testimonial sheet, photograph)

  • Send book announcement to wholesalers

  • Send examination/desk copies to college & university teachers

  • Promote conference sales
Book Distribution
  • Order processing: phone, mail, sales through Internet; bulk sales and discounts; retail and college bookstores

  • Order fulfillment: storage, packing, shipping

  • Inventory and storage
Other Distribution Methods
  • Audio-tapes


  • E-books and/or digital products
  • Develop pricing, discounts, terms, and returns policies

  • Generate receipts, invoices, billing statements

  • Collect sales tax

  • Pay royalties
We welcome inquiries from professionals who seek a publisher for their manuscripts. If you have an idea or manuscript that fits the mission of Harbor House Law Press, we would like to hear from you. Please download the Harbor House Style Manual.

For more information about the publishing process, read FAQs for Authors.

All suggestions will be kept in confidence and will be given full consideration. We will contact you to discuss your proposal. Please address your correspondence to:

Acquisitions Editor
Harbor House Law Press
P. O. Box 480
Hartfield, VA 23071
(804) 758-8400


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