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[The Beacon is not in publication at this time. Archived information can be found in the Beacon Archives.]

The Beacon is an electronic journal published quarterly by Harbor House Law Press. The Beacon publishes articles and essays for attorneys, advocates and others who are interested in special education law and practice. Each issue focuses on a theme and includes practical and theoretical articles. Statement of Editorial Policy

The first issue of The Beacon (Summer 2001) addressed mediation and negotiation in special education disputes. To read previous issues, go to Beacon Archives.

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Submission Policy for Manuscripts and Articles

Harbor House Law Press publishes legal and advocacy information for parents, child advocates, educators, and attorneys in several formats, including traditional books and monographs, e-books, and CD-ROMs. Publisher Services

The Beacon invites articles and ideas for articles. If you are interested in contributing an article or have an idea about a publication, please review our submissions policy. Please send

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